Vaginal Yeast Symptoms

Do you know the importance of knowing how to tell vaginal yeast symptoms? Despite the presence of fungus amongst us, a little number won’t hurt. It’s when the fungus turns a bit crazy and multiply in the multitude that you should be concerned for you can get a vaginal yeast infection. This disease is common, and almost every woman will get one at one time or another in her lifetime. The condition can be more frequent for some women, but you might need to go and your doctor if you get the infection more than four times in just one year.

vaginal yeast infection causes

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Candida is the fungus is present among women’s vagina, but its overgrowth is what causes a yeast infection. According to a health expert and an OB-Gyne, fungus is part of a woman’s body and this microorganism on “the land down under” is kept in check by the vaginal bacteria. However, any imbalance in that area can lead to bacterial vaginosis (bacteria overgrowth) or yeast infection (candida).

What are the Common Vaginal Yeast Symptoms

It’s natural to get confused if what is going on in your private area.  But before you start getting hysterical with what you see or feel, look for these vaginal yeast symptoms first.

  • Unbearable Vaginal Itchiness

The labia will become unbearably itchy and scratch it will further irritate the tender labia.

  • Thick, whitish, odor-free discharge from your vagina

This symptom is the most common among vaginal yeast symptoms. You know your body better so you can tell if your vaginal discharge is just normal, or watery discharge or discharge looking like “cottage cheese” is not.

  • Intensified Cramps

Intensified pain in the lower abdomen or pelvis is a symptom you shouldn’t ignore.

  • Burning sensation in the vaginal area during sexual intercourse or any time

Painful heat at any time or during sexual intercourse is not only one of the vaginal yeast symptoms but also a tell-tale sign of bacterial infection or STD

  • Painful urination

When you feel any pain whenever you urinate is not a good sign. Aside from yeast infection, you might also be suffering from Urinary Tract Infection or Sexually Transmitted Disease.

  • Vaginal redness and swelling

Your labia and vagina being swollen and red is enough reasons to see your doctor.

Vaginal Thrush - Vaginal Yeast Infection

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Simple Steps to Getting Tested for Vaginal Yeast symptoms

If you suspect vaginal yeast symptoms are present, a simple and short visit to your doctor to get tested is the best thing to do. All it takes is your doctor gently swabbing your vagina for discharge and check it under a microscope. Sometimes, you will already know the result within 15 minutes, and you can confirm your suspicion or everything is normal.

Treatment and Medication for Vaginal Yeast symptoms

Just as getting tested for vaginal yeast infection is easy, treatment is easy as well and medication is available through prescription or merely buying them over the counter. Seeing the same signs from previous experience is easier since you can just  buy OTC medicines. However, it’s best to see your doctor to get the right diagnosis so the right prescription medicine will be given in treating your condition. Knowing if you have vaginal yeast symptoms indeed means your doctor will prescribe faster-acting and stronger medication for your treatment.

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